Markus L.
11/19/2012 11:26:12 pm
Its really good for undertsanding it, it gives a good detailed description of Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.
I learned to convert fractions to decimals.

11/19/2012 11:26:21 pm

i learnt that 13 bas hundredth blocks are 13 one hundredths.
this is a good website if you want to learn about fractions decimals and percentages.

11/19/2012 11:38:57 pm

this website compares all of the three percentages,decimals,and fractions.its realy easy to
i even learnt.

11/19/2012 11:44:19 pm

I loearned how to place decimals

11/19/2012 11:31:58 pm

This website teaches you fractions and decimals. I learned that it's fun to shoot fruit. (haha) I learned a little more about fractions and which decimal it goes with. I did get a few questions incorrect but then i got the hang of it and got a new highscore. (: I already did understand how to switch a fraction into a decimal in the first place this was just a fun way to help me improve a little bit. If you didn't know how it gave you a few examples so it will help you learn.

11/19/2012 11:31:58 pm

This website explains how to change a percentage into a decimal or a fraction. I didn't know how to change a percentage into a decimal or fraction at first but now I know how to.

11/19/2012 11:32:44 pm This game helps you find the fraction, decimal, and percentage of any amount. For example 0.75 = 75% = 3/4. I learned that 37.5% = 0.375.

11/19/2012 11:37:24 pm

Go on this site.Itwill help you learn how to do something with fractions and decimals and other stuff i dont know.

11/19/2012 11:39:30 pm If you go on this website it will teach you how to compare fractions, decimals, and percents.

11/19/2012 11:39:39 pm

This website shows you how to compare decimals, percentages, and fractions. I learned how to compare decimals, percentages, and fractions and now understand how to do it.

11/19/2012 11:43:00 pm
It has a very good explanation and its easy to follow.

11/19/2012 11:44:34 pm

This Website
Taught Me How To Use Percents And Decimals And Fractions. I Will Keep Going On That Website. I Will Learn More I Promise. Im Gonna Work Hard. Its A Good Site!!!

11/19/2012 11:45:57 pm

i learned hot to change from decimals to percents and fractions ect. with models and equations

11/19/2012 11:47:19 pm

i learned how 2 change a percent into a fraction and decimal and the vice versa (
the website uses fraction pizzas to help explain how they teach kids to change fractions into percents and decimals


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